The site is located at the southwest corner of Chapman Avenue and Yorba Street in the City of Orange. The physical address is 190 S. Yorba St. Orange, CA 92869.

Dates of Operation and Closure

    The County operated the refuse disposal station from 1957 to 1960.

Size and Types of Waste

    The approximate 9.3-acre disposal station was constructed on an abandoned gravel pit. The pit was filled with approximately 393,000 cubic yards of construction and municipal solid waste. No liquids or hazardous wastes are known to have been disposed at the site.


  • Prior to1954 Site operated as gravel pit.
  • 1954 County purchased site.
  • 1957-1960 County operated site as a refuse disposal station.
  • 1960 County ceased operations and closed site.
  • 1961 County Flood Control District retained an easement for southern portion of site.
  • 1962 County deeded site to City of Orange for a public park. 1991 A water Solid Waste Assessment Test (SWAT) conducted and report submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). SWAT concluded no impact to groundwater at site.
  • 1997 RWQCB approved termination of groundwater monitoring and abandonment of monitoring wells. Orange County Water District (OCWD) verbally requested use of County's three groundwater monitoring wells for their proposed groundwater recharge pilot program. OCWD submitted an initial site study report based on 5 test pits. No concentrations of methane were detected.
  • 1998 OCWD commenced groundwater recharge pilot project along Santiago Creek, including installation of landfill gas (LFG) monitoring probes and groundwater monitoring wells. Initial LFG monitoring results showed methane concentrations that exceeded regulatory limits. The Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) issued a Notice and Order to City requiring City to control the offsite migration of LFG.
  • 2001 City completed installation of LFG collection and control system.
  • 2002 LEA commented on City’s Negative Declaration for proposed park project on site.
  • 2003 City requested County permission to be relieved of park deed restriction. CEO responded identifying conditions under which County would accept City’s request for land use change.
  • 2004 Pursuant to agreement between City and County for annexation of East Orange and Santiago Hills II by City; and contingent upon various terms and conditions; County relieved City of park deed restriction.
  • 2005 City constructed Dog Park in southeast corner of site.
  • 2006 City notified LEA of plans to widen Chapman Avenue by approximately 15 feet. City submitted draft Long Term Monitoring and Operational Plan to LEA. Pursuant to LEA’s request, City to initiate comprehensive evaluation of existing LFG remedial system by January 31, 2007.
  • 2007 City proposed a revised timeline for evaluation of existing LFG remedial system to May 1, 2008. Chapman Avenue widening project completed. Pursuant to City’s request, LEA reviewed proposed LFG vapor extraction system. City submitted design plans for Santiago Creek Bike Trail project for LEA review.
  • 2008 City issued their Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration for the construction of the bike trail, adjacent to the Yorba site. LEA received City’s comprehensive Evaluation of the proposed vapor extraction system. City submitted a revised Long Term Monitoring and Operational Plan. Pursuant to City’s request, LEA and County jointly prepared recommendations to remediate existing LFG system. County forwarded recommendations to City in August 2008.
  • 2009 City has not upgraded the existing LFG remedial system. The city’s Long Term Monitoring and Operational Plan (LTMOP) was submitted to the LEA.
  • 2010 LEA approved the city’s design plans for the LFG system upgrade in May.  LEA approved the LTMOP on July 22. During an update to the City’s General Plan, a commercial overlay was added to the site.
  • 2011 Upgrades to the City’s existing LFG remedial system have been put on hold.  News articles purport the possibility that the site is a future home to a Costco.
  • 2012 LFG system upgrade remains on hold. No news related to potential new development at the site was released.   

Current Owner

    City of Orange

Current Land Use

    Dog Park/open space

Environmental Control Measures

    City operates and maintains LFG control and monitoring system

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