Soil Disposal Procedures

OC Waste & Recycling's criteria for the acceptance of clean soil are required to protect the environment and ensure regulatory compliance.

Olinda Alpha Landfill currenly accepts soil for free without testing if the resident or contractor has under 5-cubic-yards or 8 tons of soil based off of the entire project. If Soil is taken to Prima Deschecha or Frank R. Bowerman Landfills, fees will apply.

Projects containing more than 5-cubic-yards or 8 tons of soil will have to go through the soils testing program. Tested soil can only be accepted at the Olinda Alpha Landfill for free. 

The procedures for soil acceptance are as follows:
1. Click here to fill out a Soil Information Form. Please fax the form to 714-834-4057 or email it to, along with the items required in the form.

2. The above form will be reviewed by a Materials Regulation Specialist who will issue a Soil Self Certification Form specifying the number of soil samples needed and required lab tests.

**Do Not test until notified. **

3. Click here for a list of laboratories. Check the California ELAP Certified Laboratories link for additional laboratories throughout Orange County and surrounding counties. The laboratory will submit a report to the Materials Regulation Specialist who will review lab results and determine if the soil meets criteria for disposal.

4. Based on the results of the soil testing, Soil Acceptance Letters will be issued within three working days of receipt of the approved lab results. Soil Acceptance Letters will need to be accompanied with each truck load hauling soil and must be surrendered to a fee station attendant upon entry to landfill. Photocopies will not be accepted.

*Out of County Soil is accepted on a Case by Case basis and will need prior approval.

Soil disposal fee information