La Veta



    The site is located on the northeast corner of La Veta and Tustin Avenues in the City of Orange.

Dates of Operation and Closure

    The County operated the refuse disposal station from 1946 to1956.

Size and Types of Waste

    The site covers 14 acres and was filled with approximately 75,000 cubic yards of residential waste, construction debris and burned municipal solid waste.


  • Prior to 1946 Site was a sand and gravel borrow pit.
  • 1946-1956 County leased site from Rohr Brothers for a disposal site and accepted construction and municipal wastes that were burned to reduce volume. In 1953 County discontinued burning waste, but continued disposal activities.
  • 1956 County ceased operations, closed the disposal station, and returned the leases to the property owner.
  • 1960 Portion of waste excavated during construction of 55 Freeway.
  • 1960-1965 Mobile home park, YMCA facility, and apartment complex were constructed on site. Waste directly underlying the YMCA facility was excavated. 1991 A water Solid Waste Assessment Test (SWAT) conducted and report submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). Results determined groundwater quality beneath the site not impacted by the former disposal activities. RWQCB approved termination of groundwater monitoring and abandonment of monitoring wells.
  • 1997 MW1 abandoned in conjunction with City road-widening project.
  • 1998 Orange County Water District (OCWD) commenced groundwater recharge pilot project along Santiago Creek, including installation of landfill gas (LFG) monitoring probes and groundwater monitoring wells.
  • 2000 Site included in the Closed Landfill Environmental Assessment and Response (CLEAR) project. No fieldwork required as part of initial site assessment. Site assessment report completed and submitted to Local Enforcement Agency (LEA).
  • 2001 Remaining groundwater monitoring wells on site abandoned.
  • 2003 California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) reviewed SWAT and CLEAR Reports and copied 45 pages. DTSC conducted preliminary contaminant survey and contaminant survey report undergoing approval process.
  • 2004 DTSC initial contaminant survey found levels of dioxins/furans in borings ranging from 19-120 parts per trillion. EPA took over site investigation and conducted further sampling.
  • 2004 Contaminant survey suspended indefinitely due to budget issues. EPA to conduct further sampling at a later date.
  • 2005 EPA restarted site assessment.
  • 2006 EPA forwarded surface soil data to DTSC. LEA received EPA report entitled “Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection Report. LEA observed significant differential settlement in northeastern portion of site (YMCA facility) and requested assistance from CIWMB to conduct Phase I and II site assessment of the northeastern portion of site.
  • 2007 CIWMB installed 5 LFG probes at YMCA portion of site. LEA requested additional assistance from CIWMB to conduct further field investigation work focusing on determining extent of waste (lateral and vertical) southwest of YMCA facility and general classification of waste southwest of YMCA facility. Field investigation concluded that waste was buried beneath 334 S. Jennifer Lane property. LEA distributed CIWMB work plan addendum entitled “Assessment of the Extension of Former Disposal Site into Private Property (334 S. Jennifer Lane)” to resident homeowner, YMCA, SARWQCB, and County. CIWMB collected soil samples for analysis of heavy metals, dioxins/furans, and polychlorinated biphenyls at Jennifer Lane property.
  • 2008 LEA requested CIWMB assistance to install methane sensors and alarm system at Jennifer Lane and YMCA properties. LEA completed monthly LFG probe monitoring at YMCA portion of site for one year period (May 2007-April 2008) following installation of 5 LFG probes. CIWMB investigation concluded LFG from waste buried beneath the Jennifer Lane property not migrating off-site to adjacent properties. County submitted work plans to DTSC for a Phase 2 environmental assessment of site and for indoor air analysis at the YMCA and Jennifer Lane properties. CIWMB installed continuous methane sensors at YMCA and Jennifer Lane properties.
  • 2009 County Phase 2 Site Assessment field activities completed. Final report submitted to DTSC.
  • 2010 DTSC accepted data as complete for two of the three separate areas of investigation at the site. A “No Further Action Required” letter was issued to the owner of the apartment complex. The YMCA portion is considered safe for current usage, but DTSC is contemplating placing environmental deed restrictions on the property that will trigger further activities if the site usage changes. Tetrachloroethene (aka Perchloroethylene) was found in some soil samples taken from the mobile home park. While Tetrachloroethene is not normally associated with burn ash, the County will perform limited indoor air and crawl space analysis to determine whether there is any vapor intrusion of the Tetrachloroethene into the mobile homes. Indoor air testing will begin upon approval by DTSC of the work plan.
  • 2011 LEA turned over monthly collection of indoor methane monitoring and alarm sensor and quarterly probe monitoring responsibilities to YMCA and Jennifer Lane homeowner.  YMCA retained a consultant to perform monitoring and collection of data, however, the Jennifer Lane homeowner has not responded to the LEA requests.  Although the YMCA and the Jennifer Lane owner are two distinct property owners, CalRecycle and the LEA make decisions and take actions based on the former disposal site as a whole.  Since the YMCA and Jennifer Lane properties are adjacent and in the last portion of the La Veta site to accept waste, the monthly LEA inspection reports continue to show failure to submit complete monitoring data and monthly data from the continuous indoor air monitoring system even though the YMCA is technically in compliance.  The DTSC approved work plan for limited indoor air testing and soil probe re-sampling at the mobile home park was completed in August.  
  • 2012 The County submitted results of the limited indoor air/crawl space and soil gas probe sampling at the mobile home park to the DTSC and mobile home park management. The County proposes to conduct two more rounds of sampling and is awaiting approval from the DTSC to schedule the nest round of testing. The YMCA continues to be in compliance with reporting requirements, but the owner of the Jennifer Lane residential property has made no response to LEA requests for monitoring data. Therefore, the YMCA/Jennifer Lane portion of the site remains out of compliance for reporting to the LEA.

Current Owners

    Metropolitan Water District; Russel F. Rohrs; Caltrans; YMCA; Rancho Santiago Mobile Home Park; Robert Schrimer, TR.; Guillermo Benitez and Enrique Puch; City of Orange.

Current Land Use

    YMCA; Santiago Creekside Estates Mobile Home Park; Arroyo Casa Apartment Complex; single family residential

Environmental Control Measures

    No control measures are currently in place at site.

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