La Habra



    The site is located at the southeast corner of Lambert Street and Idaho Street in the City of La Habra. The physical street address is 1100 West Lambert Road. La Habra, CA 90631

Dates of Operation and Closure

    The County operated the refuse disposal station from 1949 to 1958.

Size and Types of Waste

    The site occupies approximately 19.13 acres. The types of wastes deposited are unknown. Approximately 480,000 cubic yards of waste are believed to be buried at the site. No liquid or hazardous wastes are known to have been disposed.


  • 1948 La Habra Sanitation District deeded site to County.
  • 1949 County operated site as a refuse disposal station. United States Federal Government leased 100-foot by 100-foot tract of land along east property line for use a FAA Fan Marker.
  • 1958 County ceased operation, closed refuse disposal station, and capped it with a three-foot soil cover.
  • 1962 County sold site to City of La Habra for $40,000; approximately half its assessed value, provided the site be used for a public park.
  • 1965-1985 City developed site as Vista Grande Park, used primarily for Little League fields.
  • 1992 A water Solid Waste Assessment Test (SWAT) conducted and report submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).
  • 2000 Site included in the Closed Landfill Environmental Assessment and Response (CLEAR) project. Fieldwork was completed in fall 2000. A site assessment report completed and submitted to Local Enforcement Agency (LEA). LEA issued a Notice and Order (N&O) to City regarding landfill gas (LFG) migration.
  • 2001 City retained consultant to investigate LFG migration to comply with N&O. County and City met to discuss financial participation in LFG collection and control system.
  • 2002 LEA issued follow-up letter to City regarding compliance with the December 2000 N&O requiring submittal of work plan for LFG system.
  • 2003 LEA approved City’s LFG system proposal and work plan. LEA contacted City, requesting start date of LFG system installation. RWQCB approved reduction of groundwater monitoring from quarterly to annually.
  • 2004 City issued contract for construction of LFG system.
  • 2005 LEA issued City Notice of Completion for LFG system installation.
  • 2006 City designed and installed modifications to LFG system.
  • 2007 LEA lifted N&O for LFG migration. City submitted a Long Term Monitoring and Operational Plan to the LEA. City placed 10,000 cubic yards of soil on-site for final cover and regrading. RWQCB requested testing of the imported soil.
  • 2008 LEA approved City’s Long Term Monitoring and Operational Plan. City brought additional soil on-site to place over soil brought in December 2007.
  • 2009 No activity. LEA periodic reports show an area of concern listed for drainage and erosion control, which were corrected by site owner.
  • 2010 LEA inspection reports document levels of methane gas in probe LH-GP-DP3 that exceed regulatory limits.  Based on this, a Notice of Violation was issued to the City.  In October 2010, the LEA monitored and recorded methane concentration below the 5% regulatory limit, therefore the LEA deemed violation corrected.
  • 2011 LEA again issued a Notice of Violation for methane concentrations above the 5% regulatory limit for probe LH-GP-DP3.  Since this is a recurring concern, the LEA increased their periodic inspections at the site to a monthly basis until methane concentration decrease below 5%.  On June 14, the LEA monitored and recorded methane concentration below the 5% regulatory limit.  In response, the LEA returned the periodic site inspection frequency from monthly back to quarterly.  City applied for a $4.3 million in state grand funds to refurbish and develop Vista Grande Park. According to City agenda items, it is anticipated that the park with be enhanced with soccer and football fields.
  • 2012 The City made inquiries into the procedure for having the park deed restriction lifted for the site. Additionally, the City expressed interest in some form of oil drilling at the site. No further actions have been taken at this time. 

Current Owner

    City of La Habra

Current Land Use

    Vista Grande City Park; open space

Environmental Control Measures

    County conducts annual groundwater monitoring. City owns and operates LFG collection and control system.

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