Cannery Street



    The site is located northwest of Magnolia Street and Hamilton Avenue in the City of Huntington Beach. The physical address is 21377 Magnolia Street. Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Dates of Operation and Closure

    The County operated the refuse disposal station from 1957 to 1969.

Size and Types of Waste

    An estimated 900,000 cubic yards of miscellaneous construction debris was disposed on an approximately 20.5-acre portion of the 27.7 acre refuse disposal station.


  • Prior to 1956 Vacant lot.
  • 1956-1957 Southern California Edison (SCE) used the site as a sand and gravel pit.
  • 1957 County purchased the site from SCE.
  • 1957-1969 County operated the site as a refuse disposal station.
  • 1969 County ceased operations and closed the site.
  • 1970 County deeded site to the City of Huntington Beach conditioned on its use as a public park.
  • 1971 City deeded 5 acres to the Huntington Beach City School District (HBCSD) for use as the Kettler Elementary School playground.
  • 1988 County completed air Solid Waste Assessment Test (SWAT) questionnaire.
  • 1990 A water Solid Waste Assessment Test (SWAT) conducted and report submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).
  • 1994 Pursuant RWQCB approval, groundwater monitoring was terminated at site.
  • 1999 South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) issued a Notice to Comply to the City for methane gas exceedances in the park.
  • 2000 Site included in Closed Landfill Environmental Assessment and Response (CLEAR) project. Fieldwork completed fall 2000. A site assessment report completed and submitted to Local Enforcement Agency (LEA). The LEA issued a Notice and Order (N&O) to the City for offsite migration of landfill gasses (LFG).
  • 2001 City installed passive LFG control system.
  • 2002 Pursuant RWQCB approval, all groundwater monitoring wells abandoned. N&O issued to City by LEA to conduct a site assessment and prepare a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), and to perform weekly probe monitoring.
  • 2003 Extension granted by LEA for submittal of CAP and for replacement of 2 LFG probes as referenced in September 2002 N&O.
  • 2004 City’s CAP not approved by LEA.
  • 2005 HBCSD closed Kettler Elementary School due to budget shortfall. LEA questioned status of City’s LFG CAP, and asked the County to assume responsibility to prepare a revised LFG CAP for the site. County agreed to prepare CAP and to design a LFG collection and control system.
  • 2006 County submitted revised LFG CAP to LEA.
  • 2007 LEA approved County revised LFG CAP. With input from City, County continued design preparation for the LFG system. City and County began preparation of a joint site monitoring plan, to be submitted to the LEA upon completion of LFG system installation.
  • 2008 LEA approved County’s LFG system design. Preparation of public works plans and specifications continued. LEA requested written updates of any City or Huntington Beach Fire Department inspections of methane sensors installed in residential housing adjacent to the site.
  • 2009 County constructed upgrades and an extension to the existing LFG system.
  • 2010 County submitted the Long Term Monitoring and Operational Plan (LTMOP) and a Construction Completion Report to the LEA.
  • 2011 In April, the City announced a $4 million dollar upgrade project at Edison Park.  Improvements are to be completed in phases, with the first phase to include a new parking lot, and three sports fields.  Later phases will include low level lighting, a drop-off zone, bocce ball courts and an additional multi-use sports field. LEA terminated City’s N&O in May; the LTMOP was approved.  In July, the Huntington Beach City School District offered the Kettler School site for lease, but there was no response to the request.
  • 2012 The first phase of Edison Park upgrade construction activities was confined to the south eastern portion of the park, near the fire station. These construction activities were completed in late December 2011, and no new construction was observed as of April 2012. Landfill gas probes continue to show no methane concentrations at all during probe monitoring events.

Current Owners

    City of Huntington Beach; Huntington Beach City School District.

Current Land Use

    City Park with extensive sports facilities and a (closed) elementary school playground.

Environmental Control Measures

    An active landfill gas collection and control system is installed at the park. The closed Kettler Elementary School has a passive gas migration control system and methane alarms.

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