Canal Street



    The site is located south of the 91 Freeway, north of the Santa Ana River and immediately west of the AT & SF railroad in the City of Anaheim.

Dates of Operation and Closure

    The County operated the refuse disposal station from 1946 to 1958.

Size and Types of Waste

    The 9.3-acre site was originally an open trench-burning site, which was converted to a refuse disposal station in 1956. Most waste materials disposed at the site have been identified as residential, commercial, demolition and agricultural wastes which were non-hazardous and inert. The wastes range in depth from 0 to 45 feet. No liquid or hazardous wastes are known to have been disposed at the site.


  • 1946 The County purchased the site.
  • 1946-1956 County operated the site as an open burn site.
  • 19561958 County operated the site as a refuse disposal station.
  • 1958 County ceased operations and closed the refuse disposal station.
  • 1985 The 20-acre site sold at public auction to Orange County Steel Salvage. County financed the sale and took back a note and deed of trust on the property.
  • 1986 Landfill gas (LFG) monitoring probes were installed. LFG generation restricted to the central and western portions of site with no off site migration.
  • 1988 A water Solid Waste Assessment Test (SWAT) conducted and report submitted to the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). SWAT and subsequent groundwater monitoring results indicated no impact to groundwater. RWQCB approved abandonment of monitoring wells.
  • 1991 County, in lieu of foreclosure on the deed of trust:
    • Released 4 acres to Adams International Metals, successor in interest to Orange County Steel Salvage.
    • Applied the revised note and deed of trust to another 8 acres that was retained by Adams and was later acquired from Adams by Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., subject to County‚Äôs note and deed of trust.
    • Took back the remaining 8 acres under County ownership.
  • 1995 County sold note and trust deed at public auction to Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
  • 1997 County sold remainder of property at auction to The David B. Williams Company, who later transferred the property to Self Serve Auto Dismantlers. County retains easement for any future environmental testing and/or monitoring purposes. The smaller portion, lying to the west, hosts an auto dismantling and metal recycling facility. This portion of the site was designated a State Superfund site for clean up. Contamination present at site resulted from the metal recycling operations of Adams International Metal Corporation, not from use of the property for refuse disposal activities. Adams International ordered to conduct environmental clean-up and remediation of their portion of site.
  • 2000 Site included in the Closed Landfill Environmental Assessment and Response (CLEAR) project. No fieldwork required as part of initial site assessment. Site assessment report completed and submitted to Local Enforcement Agency. Adams International Metals completed environmental cleanup and remediation of their portion of the site.
  • 2005 Site disposal area converted to rail sidings and lumber storage area.
  • 2006-2012 No activity at site. No solid waste issues reported in the annual LEA site inspection report.

Current Owner

    Adams International Metal Corp.; the D.B. Williams Co.

Current Land Use

    Site is being used as transrail yard. Containerized building materials are off-loaded from the railcars and driven off-site.

Environmental Control Measures

    No control measures are currently in place at site.

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