Olinda Technical Documents

Landfill Permit Information:

Olinda Landfill opened in 1960.It is permitted to receive a daily maximum of no more than 8,000 TPD. The landfill is required to comply with numerous landfill regulations from federal, state and local regulatory agencies. The landfill is subject to regular inspections from the California Integrated Waste Management Board and the Board's Local Enforcement Agency, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and the South Coast Air Quality Management District to assure compliance with those regulations.Olinda Landfill is approximately 565 acres with about 420 acres permitted for refuse disposal. The proposed end use after landfill closure is a county regional park.

Final Environmental Impact Report 588 Environmental Impact Report 588 Relooc Strategic Plan - Olinda Alpha Landfill Implementation Certified by Orange County Board of Supervisors on April 17, 2007