Take The EcoChallenge

Our planet is calling on YOU to Take the Eco Challenge! OC Waste and Recycling and Discovery Cube OC are partnering to provide a hands-on, interactive learning experience for County residents. Check out the eco-friendly ways to avoid recycling contamination, reduce waste and learn about composting. Then take those skills home so you can train to become a Green Superhero! 

  1. Discovery Market: Grab your cart, aim your scanner and zoom through the aisles in this exciting grocery store game. Learn the importance of making earth-friendly choices when you shop.

  2. Race to Recycle: The first one to zero wins! Zero waste, that is. Race against your friends to sort recyclables and correctly divert trash from our landfills.

  3. Eco Garage: Can you identify hazardous materials in a garage? Grab a scanner and step inside the Eco Garage to identify as many household hazardous waste items as you can. Better hurry, time is running out!

    Discover Cube Orange County
    2500 N Main St
    Santa Ana, CA 92705

For more details about The Eco Challenge, visit DiscoveryCube OC