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Back-to-School Waste Prevention Tips from OC Waste & Recycling

It’s Back-to-School time, and parents work hard to ensure your kids have a great and productive year. This also includes doing what you can for the environment.  When preparing your kids for school this year, you can help them be good environmental stewards at the same time. Make sure to reuse and recycle as much as you can. Every little bit makes a difference in preserving our beautiful county and the planet. Families can:

  • Determine what can be used from last year
    • Repair and reuse binders
    • Reuse pens and pencils from last year
    • Sell back books or share with younger students or children
    • Repair backpacks with glue or other simple repairs
  • Buy smart and buy recycled products
    • Follow a classroom list to make sure to only buy what your child needs
    • Purchase "green" products not sold with excess packaging
    • Look for products not sold with excess packaging
    • Buy durable, reusable items like lunchboxes, locks and backpacks
  • Manage electronics and batteries
    • If you are replacing batteries in a laptop, cell phone or other device, bring them to one of out Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers - DO NOT put them in the trash or recycle bin.
    • Got your child a new laptop? Recycle the old one by disposing of e-waste safely at one of our facilities
  • Reduce food waste
    • Send your kids to school with lunch or snacks packed in reusable containers. Purchase a reusable water bottle for your child to refill throughout the day.
    • Encourage your children to only take what they need from the lunch line. Make sure that they recycle cans and bottles after they eat and they dispose of the right bins at their school.

For more information visit and follow OCWR on social media @OCWaste to see more waste reduction tips.