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Celebrate July 4 with Red, White, Blue and Green

Honoring America’s birthday is a long-standing tradition that evokes and communicates national pride. Why not honor mother earth at the same time? Here are some tips on how to celebrate in style while keeping it green.

Lower carbon emissions. If traveling for the holiday, consider taking public transportation or carpooling. Look into community events near your home and avoid sitting in traffic.

2.    Use eco-friendly bug repellent. Almost all July 4 activities take place outside where bugs live. Keep the mosquitoes and other pests away by using one of these natural methods:

All-Natural Bug Spray Recipes That Actually Get the Job Done

Bug Off (Naturally)! Seven Nontoxic Pest Control Remedies

Three Simple DIY Pest Repellent Recipes

Be a green host/hostess. If you are hosting the fourth party, follow these tips to make it memorable and green.

·         Decorate with upcycled Fourth of July crafts. Grab your kiddos and have a blast.

·         Ditch disposable! Use real plates and recyclable silverware.

·         Consider composting any leftover food waste. Don’t have much room? Check out these composters for small spaces.

·         Green your grill. Use gas instead of charcoal if possible. Grills fueled by gas or electricity burn much cleaner than charcoal and have a smaller carbon footprint.

·         Go meatless. The Sierra Club has many different vegan barbecue recipes.

·         The temperature outside may be hot, hot, hot, so help your guests cool down by offering organic Popsicles.

4.    Say no to fireworks. Fireworks contribute to air pollution, which can lead to respiratory issues like asthma. They are also full of chemicals that end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. After the holiday, consider volunteering for a beach cleanup to pick up trash from the fireworks and preserve our natural resources.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at OC Waste & Recycling. Please remember we will be closed on the holiday. All operations will resume July 5, 2019.