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OC Waste & Recycling Holiday Tip: Plan Food for the Holiday Table, Not the Landfill

If ever there were a time to live the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra, ‘tis now—the holiday season. Last year over the Thanksgiving holiday, Americans tossed six million turkeys, valued roughly at $293 million, into the trash, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Overall, during the short time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s three times as much food is wasted compared to the rest of the year. For perspective, Orange County landfills receive about 1,300 tons of food a day.

There is help for those who seek the high road. A new dinner party planning calculator is now available to help prevent dinner-party food waste. Known as the GUEST-imator, the calculator estimates how much food you need to keep your guests full & happy. Click here to use the calculator.

By the way, OC Waste & Recycling continues to celebrate America Recycles Day—November 15—throughout the month of November. That means there is still time to take the #BeRecycled Pledge to make recycling bigger and better every day.