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Earth Day 2017 Recap -- making small changes for big impacts

More than one thousand Orange County residents spent Earth Day at Discovery Cube on Saturday, April 22, 2017, learning, celebrating and winning rewards for their commitment to making eco-friendly choices. OC Waste & Recycling, in partnership with Discovery Cube OC and Angels Baseball, sponsored Eco Challenge Earth Day, offering activities and programs to help families learn about the small changes they can make to contribute positively to our environment.

A highlight activity was the Pledge Tree, where visitors added leaves showing their commitment to small changes that can help make big impacts.   Angels pitcher Matt Shoemaker was among those making a pledge, and he autographed memorabilia for his many fans.

The most popular exhibit was hands-on vermicomposting, where visitors learned how to compost, the role that worms play in the process, and the ways in which composting contributes to our environment through waste diversion. Staff from Grades of Green, a non-profit organization devoted to instilling environmental values in today’s students, helped visitors make their own vermicomposting bin. Composting is in our future as we face coming changes that will keep organic material out of our landfills. That means grass clippings as well as food waste will be handled differently in our homes and businesses.

First District Supervisor and Board Vice Chair Andrew Do was on hand for the festivities and urged visitors to take the Eco Challenge. “I want to remind you to put your name on the Eco Challenge Pledge Tree. Remember, small changes make a big impact!” urged Vice Chair Do.
He also reminded visitors that the Eco Challenge Poster Contest is on and encouraged kids between the ages of 8 and 14 to make a poster that shows how they would keep organic materials out of the landfills. Poster Contest winners will be awarded an Angels Baseball “bat kid” experience and will be recognized in an on-field ceremony.


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